Message from the President - February 2018

Sometimes, as project managers, we go about performing our daily routine tasks just as we always have for so long. We tend not to question things because, well, we’ve always done it that way or we rely on someone else to tell us different. We forget to pick our heads up and question ourselves, “Is this everything? Am I missing something? Is there a better way of doing this?” Unfortunately, unless you experience a certain situation that tells you otherwise you may not know if there is a better or different way.

If you are an Agile practitioner, you are in luck! At our Chapter meeting this month Professor Patricia Tyre, faculty at New York University and University of Connecticut, will present an engaging program for anyone who has started their Agile journey, stalled in their Agile journey or anyone who is planning to implement Agile this year. During an interactive workshop, Professor Tyre will discuss the “10 Hidden Hurdles Causing Agile Dysfunction” or otherwise known as “10 Agile Gotchas – 10 reasons why your organization is not moving forward with Agile”.

I am also very excited to announce: one of our new programs is starting this month! Phebe Arouni will be hosting our very first virtual Lunch & Learn session on February 21st. She’s going to be discussing “Eat That Frog and Stop Losing Time!” While it sounds pretty gross, it’s actually focusing on the biggest task you are most likely to procrastinate on if you don't do something about it. You will need to sign up in advance, so make sure to attend and earn a PDU!

On February 28th, our Breakfast Roundtable team will be discussing planning, tracking and control with Microsoft Project. Our very own founder and former president of PMI Westchester, Ed Mahler, is a wiz with MS Project. Last season, Ed shared a BRT session with another MS Project wiz to compare and contrast how each one uses the program. This season, Ed has the full session so you’ll be sure to get all your questions answered.

One last, but VERY important message to all our members. We received word from PMI’s Global Operations Center (GOC) our bylaws are officially approved!! You can find the latest version on our website. Thank you to everyone who voted!

See you at the February Chapter Meeting!