Message from the President - September 2016

Welcome to a brand new and exciting upcoming season of PMI Westchester! First, I want to personally thank my predecessor, Pawan Kumar, for his outstanding leadership over the past four years. Pawan helped our Chapter exceed 600 members and provided quality programs and education for our members year after year. Thank you Pawan for all of your sacrifice and dedication to the Chapter. We are forever grateful.

We have a proud history and I am very honored to be your new President. With a new Board of Directors in place, we are looking to bring new growth and expansion to our project management community. We’ve already begun to hear from some of you on the ideas you want considered for implementation. However, I want to challenge you to become a part of seeing those ideas to fruition. Just like in our every day jobs, we can only plan and execute the things we are properly staffed to do. In order to do more, we need more. I want all of us to think about getting some of our member friends together and volunteer to help the Chapter execute new programs and events. This doesn’t have to be a long-term commitment, but one I feel you will find rewarding. And hey, it looks good on a resume too. Who knows, maybe we’ll even end up in the local newspapers, now that would be fun and cool!

All I ask is that you think about it. Think about becoming a part of the conversation. Come see me at the Chapter meeting next week and I’ll tell you all the things I’m thinking…if you dare to know! You might even like one or two.

See you on Tuesday!

Brenda Horton, PMP
PMI Westchester