The Critical Path - May 2016

The latest edition of PMI Westchester's "The Critical Path" is available on-line.

Shane Vaz starts us off this month discussing how you can identify if your project is getting into trouble. These quick tips may get you thinking a bit differently come Monday morning.

Are you one of the millions of organizations doing a stop light chart for executives or other stakeholders? An interesting article from Greg Smith talks about how maybe we should reconsider the traditional red/yellow/green model and move into red/orange/yellow, no green.

Project managers are often regarded as leaders in the organization. Timothy Barry gives us insight into what are the Top 10 Leadership Qualities a project manager should have to be effective.

Once again Brad Egeland shares with us his thoughts on how to Create a Project Management Infrastructure from the Ground Up and how you can demonstrate its benefits to the organization.

Happy Reading from the newsletter team at PMI Westchester!