The Critical Path - February 2016 Edition

The latest edition of PMI Westchester's "The Critical Path" is now available online.

Kiron Bondale starts us off this month by discussing how a PMO can use metrics to prove they impact the project delivery process. Steve Carter talks about making sound procurement decisions and avoiding key traps that can derail you quickly.

Are you one of the many project managers working virtually? Brad Egeland talks about how you can pitch this concept to executives to help them understand why this works successfully.

Confused by the many different methodologies out there? Well, this article by Moira Alexander gives you an overview of Agile, Waterfall, Critical Path, Critical Chain, Six Sigma, and Scrum. She lets you decide which one works best for you.

And finally, project managers know that if you don't delegate, you won't be successful. David Egan helps you figure out when and who to delegate responsibilities.

Happy Reading from the newsletter team at PMI Westchester!