Job Club

PMI Westchester Project Managers' Job Club

The Job Club provides mutual support for project management job seekers. In biweekly, structured meetings, participants:

  • Put together a job search plan that moves them step by step toward their goal.
  • Support one another in following their search plans and share experiences and frustrations with those who face similar challenges.
  • Explore strategies for overcoming job finding challenges and gain input and insights from others.
  • Learn from each other's successes and missteps
  • Leverage each other's networks, contacts and knowledge of how to get things done.
  • Identify one's key marketable skills and communicate those skills effectively
  • Identify and clarify career goals and aspirations

In addition, participants acquire and practice proactive job finding skills including:

  • Networking effectively
  • Delivering your 30 second pitch
  • Uncovering and following up on opportunities
  • Resume writing / cover letters / presenting oneself for opportunities
  • Interview and presentation skills
  • Follow up skills
  • Negotiation

The PMI Westchester Project Managers' Job Club is sponsored by the Westchester Chapter of the Project Management Institute. There is no charge to participate, but participants in the club need to agree to:

  • Make finding a new job a serious priority in their lives.
  • Attend the job club meetings regularly until they locate a job
  • Keep information other members shared confidential.
  • Actively and enthusiastically participate in the job club's activities including ongoing contact with other job club members.
  • "Give Back" to the club or the community through volunteer service

Job Club Communication on the World Wide Web

The Job Club uses as its primary tool for communication, scheduling and sharing.
Newcomers wishing to join the Job Club should request membership on Other means of electronic communications include the Job Club LinkedIn Group.

Job Club Coordinators

Coordinators are member volunteers responsible for planning and executing meetings and other activities for the Job Club. Current coordinators are: Pierre Damon, Adella Rosenthal, Carl Gessman, David Okun, Helena Loureiro, and Richard Antash.

Job Club Meeting Venues
The Job Club meets at Greenburgh Town Hall in Greenburgh, or Fordham University's Westchester Campus in West Harrison*. Both are easily accessible from I287. See the Job Club's Meetup page for the location of each meeting and directions to the venues*.

* For Directions to Fordham University using a GPS, Google, Bing, etc. you must enter West Harrison in the destination city and make sure that city is in the direction provided. GPS, Google, Bing, etc. are known to be troublesome with finding Fordham.

Job Club Members

Over 100 current and past members have benefitted from the Job Club. Meetings are typically attended by 15 to 25 members. Over 100 members have successfully landed jobs since 2010.
In addition to organized club meetings, members are assigned to smaller groups (typically 2 or 3 individuals) to collaborate and support each other on job searches.
Newcomers wishing to join the Job Club request membership on

Job Club Speakers and Presenters

Career coaches, recruiters, entrepreneurs and professional speakers have shared valuable presentations and advice with the Job Club.
Job Club members also present and lead activities, to assist the club membership with career goals and job searches, or to share information, contacts,
experiences and lessons learned.